eQ1600 qPCR
  • eQ1600 Real-time PCR System
  • Product name:Real-time PCR System
  • Chinese name:实时荧光定量PCR检测系统
  • Product model:eQ162C/2CP/4CP
  • Design idea:Quality comes from technology


           Application Field           

eQ1600 series Real-time PCR instrument is mainly used for disease prevention and control, inspection and quarantine, agriculture and forestry, food safety testing, African swine fever (ASF); molecular biology teaching and research; battlefield, criminal investigation and emergency detection; clinical diagnosis, community medical , POCT on-site inspection.

Its main features are strong fluorescence signal, low background noise, high sensitivity, friendly software interface, built-in ultraviolet disinfection and so on.


           Rigorous Experimental Verification           

Fluorescence intensity curve
Logarithmic fluorescence intensity curve
standard curve
The above is from eQ162C

           Product Features