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NKY Medical Group & EASTWIN invites you to attend the 12th China BioIndustry Convention

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As the largest and highest level top brand event in China's bio industry field, the 12th China BioIndustry Convention will be held in Guangzhou, China from June 10 to 12, 2019. Welcome to the NKY 1T06 booth.


BOAI NKY Medical Holdings Ltd . ( abbreviated as NKY ) , is listed on  ChiNext with stock code 3 0 0 1 0 9 . The main businesses of NKY are  precision medicine and fine chemical . Precision medicine covers  early cancer screening which majorly based on gene sequencing  platform , molecular diagnosis , personalized medicine services , etc .  As of fine chemical , NKY is the third largest PVP manufacturer and  the second largest PVM / MA manufacturer in the world .


BOAI NKY Medical Holdings Ltd .

invites you to attend the

12th China BioIndustry Convention

Welcome to the NKY 1T06 booth.


Exhibit category: precision medical products and services

Exhibit details: medical devices, medical reagents and technologies, medical technical equipment, medical services, biological testing, scientific research equipment, biological testing equipment and technology, in vitro diagnostic equipment and reagents, hospital anti infection equipment technology, biotechnology services, medical testing, health testing, in vitro diagnostic instruments, temporary sealing materials for stomatology

12th China BioIndustry Convention
Conference Press Center has been reserved - new technology release

Subject: Introduction and release of biovision biological reagent technology and products
About Biovision:
Biovision, Inc. Biovision, a global well-known biological preparation company, develops, produces and sells a series of biological analysis kits, recombinant proteins, enzymes, antibodies and small molecules used in life science research.
In the future, new open source medical will make use of biovision's scientific research, production capacity and market channels to further develop its own medical biological business.



Wuhan HEER

  • 1. Intelligent medical care: an integrated solution of artificial intelligence for cervical cancer screening
  • 2. Liquid based thin layer cell making machine
  • 3. Automatic dyeing machine
  • 4. Automatic intelligent film scanning robot
  • 5. Automatic DNA quantitative analysis system
  • 6. Automatic multi spectral DNA quantitative analysis system
  • 7. Digital remote pathological consultation system
  • 8. Hpve / E6 DNA screening for early cervical cancer

Genergy aio Technology


Crystal bio has a platform, large-scale, automatic and information-based CRO service platform, and launched the "10000 cases of single cell panoramic plan" in 2019.
  • 1. Sample pretreatment platform: automatic nucleic acid extractor 96 samples / time - 6 sets, 24 samples / time - 2 sets, 16 samples / time - 2 sets
  • 2. Single cell sequencing platform: 10x Genomics ChromumtmTM library construction system - 8 sets
  • 3. High throughput sequencing platforms: Illumina Novaseq6000-5, Illumina Hiseq2500 / 3000-2, Illumina miseq-1.
  • 4. Gene chip detection platform: two Illumina iscan chip scanners, one liquid handling manipulator and Autoloader 2x, and two Tecan automatic workstation
  • 5. Information cloud platform system: combined with Haiyun gene, based on Huawei's leading cloud computing and service capabilities, build gene cloud, medical cloud and health cloud system.


3G Biotech

  • 1. PyroMark Q24 Pyrosequencing system

  • 2. ABI 3130 Sequencer

  • 3. Sequenom MassARRAY System

  • 4. ABI 7500 Real-time PCR System

  • 5. TDH-500 Denaturation & Hybridization System

  • 6. Gene Titan CBC Chip

  • 7. POCT Constant-temperature Amplification Fluorescence Detection System

Main business introduction

1. Precision drug use: 9 major fields, more than 100 biomarkers and more than 140 kinds of drugs

2. Physical examination: cancer risk project, chronic disease risk project, children gene panel project, breast cancer project

3. Scientific research service: national project, provincial project, hospital experts own project

Big data system

Precision medication intelligent decision-making system, precise medication knowledge base, clinical biological sample database, precise medication data statistical report base.


Wuhan First

  • 1. Pyrosequencer

  • 2. Gene chip hybridization reading analysis platform

  • 3. Automatic magnetic  particle chemiluminescence  immunoassay system

  • 4. "Swift" Real-time PCR


Tianjin Ya Rui Zi

  • 1. YaRez®denture stabilizer

  • 2. YaRez®Denture cleaning tablets




  • 1. ETC811、ETC821 Thermal Cycler (PCR)

  • 2. eQ162C/2CP/4CP Real-time PCR System

  • 3. eBL-100 Transilluminator、eICE4 Electronic Ice Box、EQ-6K Mini centrifuge

  • 4. eTS2000 Thermal Shaker

Overview of EASTWIN Series Products


BOAI NKY Medical Holdings Ltd .

invites you to attend the

12th China BioIndustry Convention

Welcome to the NKY 1T06 booth.


Introduction to the 12thChina BioIndustry Convention

The 12thChina BioIndustry Convention will be held in Guangzhou, China from June 10 to 12, 2019. With the theme of "towards a new era of bio Economy: innovation, benefit for mankind and sustainable development", the conference, in accordance with the requirements of marketization, specialization, high-end and internationalization, and in combination with the development status of biological industry at home and abroad and the actual development situation of biological industry in Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City, the conference held high-level forum, professional forum, project roadshow, industry and finance docking, achievement display and specialty Activities such as science popularization show the latest development trend of the biological field, publicize China's bio industry policies, guide technology, talents, funds and other resources to the biological industry, promote the effective docking of Finance and industry, scientific research and application, government and enterprises, promote the coordinated development of the industry, and promote the development and growth of the biological industry, so as to become a biological enterprise, financial institution, scientific research institution and Industry Association The conference will invite current and former leaders of various countries, ambassadors of various countries to China, leaders of relevant international organizations, experts and scholars of top international scientific research institutions and R & D institutions, Nobel laureates, CEOs of world top 500 and well-known biological enterprises, state leaders, vice premier level national leaders and leaders of various parts Political figures, leaders of Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City, members of the academic committee of the conference, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences, leading figures of well-known enterprises, etc.

A number of distinguished speakers will interpret the development trend, development strategy and major innovation and transformation of biological industry at home and abroad, as well as the technology exchange platform.

With the support of 18 national ministries and commissions, including the national development and Reform Commission, and directly affiliated institutions, the 12thChina BioIndustry Convention was jointly sponsored by Guangdong provincial government, China bioengineering society and other 20 national associations, societies and China Science Press, and hosted by Guangzhou municipal government. This conference will build five functional platforms of "high-end exchange and dialogue, high-end achievement exhibition, international cooperation and development, innovation resources gathering, and high-end think tank service". Through government support and industry university research cooperation, the conference will cultivate the development ability of linking the world and serving the world, and become a professional year with high specifications, large scale and outstanding characteristics in the field of biotechnology and industry in the world It has become an international "wind vane of biological industry".

  • The world's top industry figures gather to share successful experience and help enterprises grow.
  • The exhibition highlights the achievements of biological industry, interactive experience of science popularization, biological medicine, chemical medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, medical equipment, precision medicine, stem cell and regenerative medicine, biological agriculture, bioenergy, hospitals, universities, leading enterprises and other industries.
  • 30 + professional subdivision forum, seamless docking with international institutions, promoting cooperation opportunities.
  • Four supporting activities, to build a project exhibition, project roadshow, industry and finance docking, docking and negotiation service platform for enterprises, and release the latest research results in the biological field at home and abroad.
  • More than 10000 professional audience invited precisely to ensure the efficient docking of products and target audience.

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