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NKY & EASTWIN presented its latest R & D achievements at the 12th biological industry conference, laying a strong position in precision medicine

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On june 10, 2019, the 12th China Bioindustry Convention, with the theme of "towards a new era of bio Economy: innovation, benefit for mankind and sustainable development", was officially opened in Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center. With the strong support of the national development and Reform Commission and other national ministries and commissions, the 12th China biological industry congress is the most representative and authoritative 20 in the biological field such as China bioengineering society It is the largest and highest level brand event in the field of China's bio industry, jointly sponsored by national associations, associations and chambers of Commerce, and jointly sponsored by Guangdong provincial government and specifically undertaken by Guangzhou municipal government. "Participate in the top event and share the latest achievements", NKY medical group made a strong appearance in this conference!




"Reagent, equipment, detection, service" are the four cornerstones of xinkaiyuan group in the layout of precision medical industry chain.



NKY Subsidiary of the United States Biovision's First Domestic Release

Biovision, a global well-known biological agent company, currently has more than 6000 reagents on sale, and 200-300 new reagents are added every year. The products cover chemical analysis kits, proteins and enzymes, antibodies and auxiliary tools. With the top R & D team and efficient R & D system, the NKY medical group has the soft power of R & D of source reagents in the industrial chain of scientific research and medical field with the addition of biovision of the United States.

12th China BioIndustry Convention
Conference Press Center has been reserved - new technology release


NKY Medical Group-U.S. BioVision biological reagent technology and product introduction




A variety of latest instruments and equipment in subsidiaries
Amazing exhibition scene


  • Wuhan First:Pyrosequencing analyzer (first developed in China with independent intellectual property rights)

  • Wuhan First:Gene chip analysis machine


Automatic Chemiluminescence Analyzer
International advanced platform, with domestic exclusive reagents

"Swift" Real-time PCR

Small, flexible, and maintenance-free "cloud technology" transmission high-performance portable real-time quantitative PCR system



  • EASTWIN:eQ162C/2CP/4CP Real-time PCR System is mainly used for disease prevention and control, inspection and quarantine, agriculture and forestry, food safety testing, African swine fever (ASF); molecular biology teaching and research; battlefield, criminal investigation and emergency detection; clinical diagnosis, community medical , POCT on-site inspection.

  • EASTWIN:At the same time, we also brought star products ETC811, ETC821 Thermal Cycler (PCR), eBL-100 Transilluminator, eIce4 Electronic Ice Box, Q cyclone Mini Centrifuge, eTS2000 Thermal Shaker and other instruments to participate in the exhibition.


      The high sensitivity of Wuhan Ha'er "Lingyun" series of artificial intelligence cervical cancer screening and analysis systems, combined with the high specificity of the newly developed "HPV E6E7 protein detection kit", allows early clinical cervical cancer screening to be neither missed nor missed. The ideal state of diagnosis and treatment.


The urine 11-dehydrothromboxane B2 test is the authoritative and exclusive original research product of Wuhan First

The urine 11-dehydrothromboxane B2 test is the authoritative and exclusive original research product of Wuhan First, which is used to monitor the efficacy of aspirin medication. The core raw materials of this test reagent are developed by Biovision in the United States, ranging from reagents to products to market sales. NKY has successfully demonstrated the overall strength of the closed loop of the entire industry chain.



Genergy Biotechnology "10000 cases of single cell panoramic plan", triggered a single cell boom.



 In 2019, Genergy Biotechnology launched the "10000 cases of single cell panoramic plan". At present, single cell sequencing technology is the most dazzling scientific research technology in the world. It has been engaged in scientific research and service for 9 years, and has won a good reputation and reputation for Jinneng. What is waiting for crystal energy in 2019 is new technology, new journey and new height!


Build an information platform and start intelligent services



Precision medicine needs to rely on perfect medical related database. Sanji biological has built a database system, covering the statistical report database of precise drug use data, the knowledge base of precise drug use, the accurate drug use report system and the clinical biological sample database. Relying on Huawei cloud system, Genergy Biotechnology makes every effort to build a personalized cloud service platform of gene cloud / medical cloud / health cloud. "Informatization, intelligence" will set off a new chapter of NKY group!


12th China BioIndustry Convention
Mr. Wang Jianqiang, vice chairman of NKY Medical Group, summarized to everyone:


Hello everyone! The 12th China biological Congress held in Guangzhou ended yesterday. NKY organized the exhibition for the first time and presented it as a group company in the industry. With the hard work of all participants, the expected effect has been achieved. In particular, the press conference of general manager Yan of Biovision company played a very important role in the company's publicity. Almost all news reports related to the conference mentioned the new product launch of new open source on the first day of the conference. In the biomedical industry and Guangzhou area, it plays an important role in expanding the popularity of new open source. At the same time, the exhibition effect of the company's booth is also good, everyone has the same feeling - among all the exhibitors on the first floor of the exhibition hall, the new open source booth should be the most popular.

In this exhibition, the group company gathered the core technologies and products of its subsidiaries, and transmitted the concept of new open source in the precision medical industry, including equipment, reagents, detection technology, precision medical services, etc., to the general audience. I believe that after the exhibition, the popularity and credibility of new open source in the industry will be gradually improved.

At the same time, the technical and marketing personnel of each subsidiary company of NKY have increased their understanding of various product technologies of the group company and enhanced the interpersonal communication among the subsidiaries by participating in the exhibition. Through these exchanges, new sparks can be created on how to promote business technology to a certain extent.

This conference is also an exchange meeting for rethinking the company's development direction and development mode. We have determined the advantages and main products of precision medical studio in the near future---- After serious discussion, the drug genome LD01 detection project has established the grand goal of realizing the sales of the product in 2020. If the goal is successfully achieved, it will play a decisive role in driving the development of the studio company and the group company. In addition, the business planning of Hale, Jingneng, Sanji and EASTWIN will be the sustainable development of the domestic business of NKY in the next few years Lay a solid foundation.

This year is the first complete year after the acquisition of Biovision by the group company. The top priority of the company's development is to realize the clinical application transformation of Biovision's technology and products in China as soon as possible. In this conference, not only general manager Yan personally attended and presided over the press conference, but also sent Mr. Robert, the key technical personnel to participate in the conference. The purpose is to let the personnel of Biovision understand the domestic demand as soon as possible, and then carry out the research and development of related products according to the characteristics of Biovision. This time, we have established relevant priority topics, and we believe that the Biovision team will be able to achieve the relevant goals as soon as possible.

Thank you for your participation and hard work. I wish you a safe return! Special thanks to Mr. Yan and Robert from Biovision! Colleagues of precision medical studio in Guangzhou!



BOAI NKY Medical Holdings Ltd . ( abbreviated as NKY ) , is listed on  ChiNext with stock code 3 0 0 1 0 9 . The company's main business includes precision medicine and fine chemicals.

Although NKY has been working in the field of precision medicine for a short time, it has also carried out a wide and in-depth layout closely combined with the rapid development of this emerging industry. It is a sharp sword emerging from new sources, fearless and striving forward! The four fulcrums of precision medicine, including equipment, reagents, detection technology and services, and the addition of Biovision means that the new open source is in the forefront of the world in the reagent end! The application of breast cancer early molecular diagnosis technology in cooperation with Heidelberg Medical College will be a revolutionary precision medical technology, which will bring gospel to all women in the world, and provide the most effective support and guarantee for the future development of NKY!

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