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Wonderful review of AVDC | EASTWIN participated in the 2nd Annual Veterinary Diagnostic Conference

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In September, the 2nd  Annual Veterinary Diagnostic Conference came to an end on September 12. As an excellent enterprise that has been deeply engaged in gene testing and precision medical instrument industry for many years, Eastwin Scientific Equipments Inc.brought eQ162C / 2CP/ 4CP (2-channel, 4-channel) series Real-time PCR system and eMLab16 mobile PCR Lab related to veterinary detection and diagnosis, and showed the experts attending the meeting the full display of EASTWIN brand products Hard power.

The conference continued the tenet of "powerful veterinary diagnosis to improve animal health and food safety" of the first veterinary testing and diagnosis conference. It attracted 59 guests (37 domestic and 22 foreign) from home and abroad, 1156 registered representatives, 122 participating enterprises and 22 participating media gathered in Zhongshan, including the global veterinary diagnosis Department Researchers and pathologists in the field of medicine, veterinary diagnostic service institutions, manufacturers and distributors of animal protection products, university professors and researchers, etc. We gather to share the new experience of veterinary testing and diagnosis, and talk about the new future of veterinary testing and diagnosis.


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EASTWIN independently developed and manufactured eQ162C / 2CP / 4CP real-time PCR system, eMLab16 mobile PCR Lab, ETC821 Thermal Cycler , eTS2000 Thermal Shaker, eIce4 electronic ice box, EQ-6K Mini Centrifuge and other products gathered at the exhibition, attracted the extensive attention of colleagues in the industry, came to consult and negotiate one after another, and EASTWIN team answered questions and doubts for customers on site. We highly praised EASTWIN series products, and discussed the development trend and coping strategies of veterinary testing and diagnosis. EASTWIN  booth was full of visitors and lively.



EATWIN exhibited product details


eQ162C/2CP/4CP Real-time PCR System

eQ162C/2CP/4CP Real-time PCR instrument is mainly used for disease prevention and control, inspection and quarantine, agriculture and forestry, food safety testing, African swine fever (ASF); molecular biology teaching and research; battlefield, criminal investigation and emergency detection; clinical diagnosis, community medical , POCT on-site inspection.

Its main features are strong fluorescence signal, low background noise, high sensitivity, friendly software interface, built-in ultraviolet disinfection and so on.

The actual amplification curve of a domestic rapid extraction reagent


Fluorescence intensity curve Logarithmic fluorescence intensity curve standard curve

eMLab16 Mobile PCR Lab

The eMLab16 Mobile PCR Lab is based on the EASTWIN eQ162C/eQ162CP/eQ164CP series fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument, and integrates common materials and consumables for PCR experiments. It is specially designed to facilitate mobile PCR experiments, including field operations, and emergency epidemic detection., as a rapid genetic testing product. The eMLab16 will work on the on-site nucleic acid detection experiment, including sampling, extraction, amplification and result analysis. It is a mini PCR laboratory that can be moved at any time and any where.





Other products of EASTWIN

 eTS2000 Thermal Shaker


EQ-6K Mini Centrifuge
eICE4  Electronic Ice Box



Overview of EASTWIN Series Products








Eastwin Scientific Equipments Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Eastwin") is subsidiary of Boai NKY Medical Holdings Ltd. (Stock Code: 300109). The company is committed to life science instruments, medical devices, biological laboratory instruments and other related businesses. It is a professional manufacturer engaged in research development, production, sale and service.

With advanced concepts, standardized production, excellent corporation culture, professional teams, and years of experience accumulation the company has been praised by the industry as an expert in PCR instruments. With more than 20 years of experiences, it is one of the earliest design and manufacturing teams of semiconductor technology PCR instrument and one of the drafters of China PCR instrument technical standard. The main products are Thermal Cycler (PCR), qPCR System, Transilluminator, Electronic Ice Box, Thermal Shaker, Centrifuge, Automatic Workstation Supporting Blocks and other instruments. The application fields involve clinical diagnosis, teaching and scientific research, sequencing services, genetic engineering, human and animal and plant disease control, etc. "EASTWIN” has been a highly recognized brand by the industry in China.


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