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Review of the 9th Leman China Swine Conference& NKY EASTWIN

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In October, we gather in Chongqing, a city of mountains and rivers, a beautiful and fashionable city. On the afternoon of October 16, the 9th Leman China Swine Conference 2020 World Swine Industry Expo was successfully concluded in Chongqing International Expo Center! Even under the influence of the epidemic situation, the number of participants in the Liman conference reached 8264; the exhibition area of the World Swine Industry Expo was 50000 square meters, with 613 participating enterprises. Eastwin Scientific Equipments Inc. is honored to be one of the exhibitors to bring African swine fever related products to the exhibition, and gather with relevant people in the pig industry to discuss the global swine industry disease prevention and control, diagnosis and detection and the future development trend of the industry.






EASTWIN independently developed and manufactured eQ162C / 2CP / 4CP Real-time PCR System, eMLab16 Mobile PCR Lab, ETC821 Thermal Cycler, eTS2000 Thermal Shaker, eICE4 electronic ice box, EQ-6K Mini Centrifuge and other products gathered at the exhibition. Colleagues in the industry have come to consult and negotiate to discuss the development trend and coping strategies of veterinary testing and diagnosis.

Overview of EASTWIN Series Products


On the occasion of this conference, NKY EASTWIN has the honor to have a closer exchange opportunity with all colleagues. After the impact of African swine fever, more people in the industry have realized the importance of disease prevention and control and detection of swine fever. "Prevention in the bud, active detection, strict prevention, nipping the epidemic in the bud" has also become the customer consensus. the 9th Leman China Swine Conference has come to an end, but in the long road of disease prevention and control, NKY EASTWIN will continue to accompany you! Contribute to China's pig industry!

Meet is fate, not only "Yu" this! Let's look forward to seeing each other again!


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